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Peter's Patter - September 26, 2021

Updated: Oct 3

Focus on the rosary.

Greetings from the seventh and eighth grades! The students enjoyed a short week of classes since the teachers had a diocesan in-service on Friday. As a staff, we attended Mass together and participated in a conference on the subject of the Theology of the Body. We also began a workshop offered by Franciscan University Catechetical Institute. This workshop, “The Human Person in God’s Loving Plan,” is something we will work on throughout the school year as a staff.While in class, the students are busy as ever. This week we had our first All-School Assembly for the school year. This year we are learning about the rosary during our assemblies. In Religion class, the students are learning about God’s covenant with Abraham in the Old Testament and how his family lineage leads to Jesus. In Pre-Algebra, the students are studying the properties of numbers and learning how to simplify variable expressions. Algebra students are working with the distributive property and reviewing how to multiply and divide integers and rational numbers. Speed, acceleration, and the law of conservation of energy are being studied in Science class. The students are learning how science and math tie together when calculating acceleration and kinetic energy. Recently, the class finished the novel Walk Two Moons. They now are using their creative writing skills to write one more chapter for the book telling what they think would happen next. Finally, in Geography class, the students finished their study of Canada and are starting to learn more about the Great Lakes region.Know that we appreciate all that you do to support our students and staff. You are in our daily prayers.

Mrs. Dachel and the Seventh and Eighth Grade Students

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