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Peter's Patter - October 24th

Here we are at the end of the first quarter already! The last nine weeks have flown by. As a school, we recently got together for our second all-school assembly, “Rockin’ the Rosary.” We learned more about where the rosary came from and why it’s important to pray the rosary.The seventh-and eighth-grade students are currently busy researching and writing their saint reports. Soon they’ll be thinking about their saint costumes.In Religion, they are continuing their study of salvation history. They have just begun the second part of the textbook where they are learning more about Jesus as God made man.The War That Saved My Life is the novel the students are currently reading in class. The tricky topic of adverbs is keeping them on their toes in English class.In Science class the students just finished learning more about Newton’s Three Laws of Motion; next up they’ll be studying fluid pressure, buoyancy, and forces in moving fluids.The students spent this week researching information about national parks and preparing slideshows to share with their peers in Geography class.Math class is keeping everyone busy. Prealgebra students are learning about mean, median, and mode, and conversions in the metric system while algebra students are spending a lot of time working with proportions. —Janelle Dachel, Seventh-and Eighth-Grade Teache

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