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Peter Patter - October 10, 2021

Hello from the second-fourth grade room!

With all of the beautiful colors outside, it sure is starting to look like

autumn. I can’t believe we’ve been in school for over a

month. Time sure does fly by.

This week in Religion the second graders worked on the

sacrament of Baptism, while the third and fourth graders

read about the stories of Moses and Joseph.

In Math, the second graders reviewed addition and adding

by math fact doubles. The third graders began a chapter on

the meaning of multiplication and will soon be memorizing

their multiplication math facts. The fourth graders are also

working on multiplication, but have been multiplying 2-4 digit

numbers. Our next chapter will have them also multiplying

by two-digit numbers.

The Tilden Fire Department stopped by this week and

talked to the students about fire safety. We all enjoyed their

visit! On Friday, the entire school participated in the living

rosary. What a wonderful way to kick off the month of

October and to ask Mary for her intercession.

Have a great week! Mrs. Weimert

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