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Peter Patter - October 3, 2021

Parishioners and Families,

We are all getting in the swing of things now that it has been a little over one month since we started school!

•In Language Arts, the sixth graders have been learning more about nonfiction stories while the fifth graders have been reading a story that is realistic fiction.

•In Science class, we have been reviewing the structure and properties of matter and mass.

•In Social Studies, we have been going over the differences between the United States North and South, in the early 1800s.

•In Math, the sixth graders are learning to multiply and divide fractions while the fifth graders are starting to divide by 1 digit and 2 digits.

•In Religion, both fifth and sixth graders are learning about angels and identifying the nine choirs of angels.Thank you all for everything you do.

We keep you in our prayers.

Ms. Anstett and the Fifth and Sixth Graders

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