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Chalkboard Drawings


1st Grade

Our first grade students have been busy learning all about our school and their new teacher, Mrs. Shellenbarger.  They are making new friends in the classroom and in the school.  They have read stories and enjoy retelling the stories using puppets.  

3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades

And we're back!  The students are already in the groove of the new school year. 

In Math, all the students reviewed. We studied the
different place values, their values and the three different ways to write a number. We also reviewed our basic addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.
In Religion, the third graders talked about the many
perfections of God. He is All Powerful, All Loving, All
Forgiving and many more. The fourth graders will learn about bible history this year, so we began our year by reading about Adam and Eve. The fifth graders will be studying the Commandments in depth this year, so they began the year by reviewing the actual commandments.
In Science the fifth graders are preparing to do a
wildflower project, and the third and fourth graders read about measuring with the metric system.

Finally, in 5th-6th Social Studies, we began the year discussing the stone age, while in Wisconsin history the third and fourth graders learned about the glaciers and the five regions of our state that were left behind after they melted.

6th, 7th & 8th Grades

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are hard at work early in the school year.  All grades used Canva, an online graphic design program to make an "All About Me" poster.  The 7th and 8th grades thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with a non-Newtonian fluid-Oobleck.  There's lots of reviewing and new material be learned.  

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